Farm to School 2020

NEW VIDEO! Bowling with Apples (8/5/2020)

More fun with the Farm to School kids! Here is a short clip of them bowling with apples!

NEW VIDEO! 8/4/2020*

First day of Farm to Table 2020!

Shanti Community Farms partnered with Akron Public Schools to provide a Farm-to-School program for kids ages 6 – 13. This is a year round program that features: gardening, nature games, crafts, a farmers market, and tutoring for various school subjects. Farm-to-School is held at two locations Jennings Community Learning Center and the adjacent Shanti International Peace Garden. The Early Learning program at North High (nursery school) also partnered with Farm-to-School to raise chickens in their classroom (for the eventual livestock addition of our program). The pre-schoolers and teachers aides work together to raise chicklets (and eventually other live stock) and care for them after they have hatched! We are looking forward to the next steps in this program as we look to raise goats and other larger live stock.

Even through COVID we are able to work with the kids remotely with some in person time at the gardens. (Properly socially distanced of course!) The kids really benefit from the tutoring associated with this program and is an important factor for families when registering their children in our program. This is a collaborative effort with the rest of Shanti Community farms to positively impact and assist the local immigrant community through education, events and programs. Programs like this also help to bring communities together and teach lifetime Akron residents about the rich culture that has saturated our community!

We also spend a little time keeping our students up on their school ‘smarts’ by integrating summer classroom work– primarily in math, reading and writing–into our daily routines. Credentialed tutors work with the students to get a jump on and keep up with their schooling responsibilities!

Farm to School 2019

*Due to new Covid-19 guidelines some parts of our camp including participant numbers are subject to change! Please be patient with us as these changes are challengeing for all of us.