Hot Pepper Festival!

What happened in 2018/2019?
Whats next for 2020

Over the past 2 years in the month of August more than 150 guests have joined us at the Exchange House (located in Akron’s North Hill Neighborhood) for our Hot Pepper Festival.  At the same time we also gather to celebrate the International Harvest Festival for new immigrants in the great city of Akron, OH.

Over the last 2 years we’ve been blessed with various talent from around Akron. Our good friend and internationally-renowned award winning Nepali film director Binud Paudel, graced us with us EM-C talents. As well as during 2019’s festival Martial Arts teacher and founder of  The House Of Kung Fu, Master Lee, put on a memorable performance. He even provided an impromptu lesson for a few of our local kids.

Along with interesting talent and guests we also enjoy: Rotten tomato stomp, carnival games, dancing, a farmers market, international foods/picnic and of course our Hot Pepper Eating Contest! Each year we keep growing and we hope that in 2020 we can continue this great festival tradition! We thank everyone who has been involved the past two years! Namaste!

** While we are adjusting to the new Covid-19 landscape we are still planning to host our 2020 Hot Pepper Eating Contest! Please check back soon for festival updates and information on how you can sign up to be a part of the contest, either as a judge or participant!