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2024 Shanti Community Farms Fundraiser!

🌱✨ Join us in sowing the seeds of change! Shanti Community Farms, a beacon of empowerment for immigrant families in Summit County, invites you to be a part of our 2024 journey.

🌍 Since 2017, we’ve been cultivating growth by providing educational, agricultural, and entertainment opportunities for families from Africa, Asia, & Latin America. From navigating the American educational system to offering land for heirloom crops, and fostering cultural expression through dance – we’ve been a source of support and pride.

🌟 Exciting news! In 2023, we partnered with Akron Zoo, transforming Edgewood Ave into a flourishing haven for immigrant farmers. This land not only serves as an educational hub for Akron Public Schools (Jennings Middle School) but also addresses the food desert challenge by growing fresh produce. In 2024, we aim to take it further with free food giveaways and Farmers Markets for the underserved neighborhoods around our gardens.

🎭 The heartbeat of our entertainment is set to amplify! The Nepali Hot Peppers, joining forces with the acclaimed Black Beanz, are ready to dazzle. Their talent has already garnered recognition, but with your support, they can shine even brighter on the national stage.

🚀 As we gear up for our most ambitious year yet, we need your support. Grants can only take us so far – we rely on generous donors like you. Whether it’s $20 or $2,000, every contribution fuels Shanti Community Farms, its programs, and projects. Our 2024 funding goal is $50K, and with your help, we can turn that vision into reality.

🙏Embrace the spirit of giving and be a catalyst for positive change. Your donation today propels Shanti Community Farms forward, making a lasting impact in Summit County. Thank you for being a part of our story – together, we cultivate a brighter future! 🌻💚 #ShantiCultivatesChange #SupportImmigrantCommunities

We are refreshing our website.

We’ve placed some information below on upcoming events and the main facets of our nonprofit. Until we get the rest of our website up, contact with any questions, large donations, or for more information!


The Black Beanz took their talents to California to compete in the top dance competition in the world: The World of Dance (WOD). After spending a few days exploring Hollywood, Santa Monica Beach, and Venice Beach, The Black Beanz headed to Anaheim where the WOD event took place. The Black Beanz managed to take the prestigious ‘Crowd Favorite Award’ for their routine. Aside the awards, many bonds were formed with dance crews all over the world and amazing opportunities have arose from their travels.

Check out the media to learn more!

We depend on generous donations from people just like you to keep our programs going each year. Donate today!






We appreciate the continued support of the Ohio Arts Council.


Yard Corps is an outdoor work crew division with trained youth participating in growing food in our new high tunnel and Shanti Community Garden. We also conduct numerous outdoor maintenance chores on city vacant lots, private residences, churches, and local businesses.  About a dozen students and elders participated in our first time effort to work outside. Some of the services we provide are: mowing, weeding, leaf blowing, tree and bush trimming and planting.  We also participated in farm chores, like barn and barnyard cleaning.

Even with our older students we spend a little time keeping our students up on their school ‘smarts’ by integrating summer classroom work– primarily in math, reading and writing–into our daily routines. Credentialed tutors work with the students to get a jump on and to stay ahead in their studies.

For more information on our Yard Corps services please contact:

Shanti Farms & The Akron Zoo

In 2023 Shanti Farms and The Akron Zoo partnered to create some brand-new Community Gardens. The Akron Zoo will provide the land and Shanti Farms will be the curators and caretakers of the land provided by the Zoo.


Much more to come. Check back soon for updates on this amazing project and partnership.

Summit Lake Farmers Market

We had the pleasure of being a part of the 2022 Summit Lake Farmers Market. Sponsored and managed by Lets Grow Akron . Members of our Yard Corps & Black Beanz groups both participated in this weekly event! The crew took time on Tuesday to bake traditional African bread (kind of like American donuts..but a little less sweet), vegetables grown by Shanti Farms & Black Beanz merchandise. 

We help the kids to understand that the skills they are learning and using for the Farmers Marketing (creating products, inventory lists, setting up their table) are all skills they can use throughout life to be successful and maybe even create & run their own businesses.

The donuts were a HIT at the farmers market and we sold out each week!!

The donuts were a HIT at the farmers market and we sold out each week!!

We look forward to being a part of this weekly event again next year!

*All proceeds go to building and expanding our Shanti Farms programs!

Board Members

Tom Crain (Founder)

Bhakta Rizal (Co-Founder)

David Brooks

Sarah Schmidt

Kyengye Elale